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How It Works


It all starts with Baskets. Baskets are thematic collections of strategies that help users earn yield or hold diversified sets of tokens.


Single Sided Liquidity


Liquidity Providing


USDC Lending


USDC Lending

Strategies put your assets to work

Each strategy provides price exposure and/or yield to the best opportunities in DeFi.

Uniswap Single-Sided Liquidity (SSLP)

Uniswap SSLP provide an easy way to automate and manage liquidity positions on Uniswap v3 for a single token (eg. USDC) in a market neutral manner. This strategy earns sustainable yield based on Uniswap transaction activity

Features of Affine

Invest more safely and simply with Affine

Near Zero Transaction Fees

We remove the barrier to participating in DeFi through socialized fees and efficient use of layer 2 protocols.

Onboard Your Way

Whether you are crypto-native or new to the space, anyone with a bank account can participate.

Diversification Built In

Our vaults make it easy to gain broad exposure to given assets, making the investing process easy.

Security First Commitment

We invest heavily in the latest security measures & third party auditing of trustless, decentralized smart data.

Core Team

The Core Team brings experience from the best of technology and traditional finance.

Trusted by Leading Builders

Hear what leading builders in the space have to say about Affine Protocol.

Jaynti (JD) Kanani

The market is moving to a multi-chain world which only makes participating in DeFi harder. Affine is at the head of the curve in helping end to tackle this complexity in a sustainable way.

Co-Founder Polygon Technology

Jaynti (JD) Kanani

Audited by Halborn

Halborn Security completed their audit of the Affine Protocol in November 2022. You can follow the link below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful questions on getting started.

Affine allows you to invest in multiple assets, including yield generating DeFi protocols, all at once. By providing you diversified exposure to different assets, your returns are a weighted average of the returns your underlying assets produce. This includes contributing to DeFi lending protocols like Compound and Aave in addition to simple holdings of assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Affine leverages an innovative bridging solution that allows you to participate in L1 protocols like Compound, AAVE, and Anchor while paying L2 prices. We do this by allowing users to transact directly on L2 (Polygon) -- which has much lower gas fees than Ethereum -- and then have smart contracts bridge funds to L1. The end effect is that fees are socialized across a broader set of users keeping costs as low as possible for you.

While you do need crypto to deposit into Affine initially, we make it incredibly easy to onboard fiat with our partners. Eventually, we will allow users to easily deposit fiat currency directly within Affine.

No platform can be considered entirely risk free. The risks related to Affine include smart contract risk (aka bug within the protocol) and liquidation risk and we have taken every possible step to minimize these risks, including only selecting yield generating protocols that require overcollateralization.

When you deposit funds through Affine, your assets are posted to pieces of code, or smart contracts, that run autonomously on the blockchain. This DeFi approach has advantages over more centralized crypto yield generating services since you know exactly where your funds are being deposited by way of smart contracts. In addition, DeFi provides greater efficiency and fewer middlemen which means a greater portion the returns accrue to you.

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